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the art of retouching

About GCF

Glenn C Feron

An Artist first, photographer, videographer, retoucher & shape shifting manipulator...

... Glenn Feron has been retouching​ since 1973 and online with his website GCF the Art of Retouching since 2005

From restoring old photos in the early years with airbrush paint and pencils, to mastering Photoshop, video, digital art & image manipulation. He's worked with some the best in New York City.

With 39 years experience retouching in numerous New York retouching studios and dealing with the pickiest clients, they keep coming back for more knowing he'll get it right and their work is done.

He's achieved a reputation of doing the best possible work on an image going beyond the call of duty and making it a great work of art that clients are happy and proud to deliver and display.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to work with him too, his engaging personality and more than happy with his work!

When you do, you'll love the results,...& You'll know, you've been Feronized!!

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