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A link to the past!! Aug. 25, 2013

August 25, 2015


Having my work online since 2005 my website was inundated with numerous onlookers and went viral when it first opened crashing the site with people looking at before-and-after images of celebrities they were familiar with.

This link is from a blog that someone put my images on! August 25 2013 >…

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You been Feronized!! ~ Retouching by Glenn  Feron

August 14, 2015

 What's new is that I've gone mobile finally with a responsive website!!

Welcome to my website, enjoy the cruise!

Hi folBeen Feronizedks thanks for visiting my Retouching website now more easily accessible on Mobile.

 My antiquated Adobe Go live software worked well for years but had no mobile capabiliti…

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