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You been Feronized!! ~ Retouching by Glenn  Feron

August 14, 2015

 What's new is that I've gone mobile finally with a responsive website!!

Welcome to my website, enjoy the cruise!

Hi folBeen Feronizedks thanks for visiting my Retouching website now more easily accessible on Mobile.

 My antiquated Adobe Go live software worked well for years but had no mobile capabilities and was limiting audiences. So onward to a new format that I should've been on a long time ago!!

Have a look while I'm constructing it gradually over again, with new images and content but keeping the same quality of dynamic retouching and composites and more affordable services for everyone that needs it.
And when you do you'll love the results,... You'll know, you've been Feronized!!
Thanks again for stopping by and visiting my website. can still visit my main site when you get home on your desktop, with more before & after images  @ >

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